Are you too old for Facebook?

#27: Think about whether there should be a cut-off age for Facebook participation. My doubts about being on FB re-surfaced this weekend,  starting with an emailed spoof graphic titled “facebook in 50 years” which showed what your facebook profile will look like half a century from now. It’s called pensionbook and among the coolest features are: “poke someone with your walking stick,” a deaths listing (larger than the events listing), funeral notifications “Edgar Jones just died… would you like to attend the funeral”, and a “meals on wheels” application.

Facebook in 50 years

It is true that Facebook is increasingly attracting an “older” audience.

British comedian Richard Herring wrote about the phenomenon of being a “kidult” in the London Sunday Times.  These are adults who still think they are kids — which is actually not as sad as kids who think they are adults or even adults who think they are adults.

Herring said: “If I stop and think about it my life is pathetic, so generally I don’t stop and think about it. I’ve been in total denial. Which is why I buy trendy, figure hugging T-shirts. Because if I am going to deny the fact that I am old, I might as well deny the fact that I am fat as well… Reassuringly, I am not alone. While many people in their forties have families and responsibilities, an increasing minority still resemble teenagers. Scary, wrinkled, grey-haired teenagers, with some kind of terrifying premature ageing disease, but teenagers nonetheless.”

While I am with Herring when it comes to denial, I still think that some ground rules for FB participation should be put in place. So, my list…

It’s time to get off Facebook when:

1. You are old enough to have children who are old enough to be on Facebook — you are now in real danger of becoming  Lindsay Lohan’s crazy mother and should desist.

2. Your doctor recommends that you have a prostate exam

3. You notice you have liver spots or have been diagnosed with gout,

and finally

4. You feel the need to start sharing your health problems with just about anyone

One thought on “Are you too old for Facebook?

  1. I’m waiting for the launch of the social
    utility specifically designed for the liver
    spot set, called Faceliftbook

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