Beijing Olympics has a silver lining

#21. Celebrate that no desperate measures need to be taken to secure an Olympic medal. Thank you Khotso Mokoena for taking that long jump for 8.24 metres. Kaya FM DJs were discussing plans this morning for how SA could get medals without having to rely on our Olympic Team.  One suggestion was to ensure Zimbabwean swimmer Kirsty Coventry flies home via Oliver Tambo International and receives a rousing South African welcome from the Airports Company — in short, steal her luggage because it’s got a ton of them. Another plan involved Sam Ramsamy running off with all three medals during a handover ceremony while shouting “I am taking these to Madiba”. “Who would dare stop him?”.

Now that some semblance of self-respect has returned to the nation and we can stand proud next to the great sporting nations of Togo and Tajikistan we need to discuss that Crocs issue, and ask whether sporting excellence could ever have been achieved in shoes that were designed to prevent varicose veins in fat people.

Natalie Du Toit carries the SA flag at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

For the first few days of the Olympics I really was comforted by the idea of “personal best”. So our athletes may not be winning but at least they are improving.

Now I am so over that. Even Krygyzstan has more medals and they are a country with no vowels.

Although “personal best” is a handy term and I can see myself getting lots of use out of it in future. It’s a good way to spin a milestone. Possible deployments include: When Zimbabwe’s inflation rate goes beyond its current 11.2-million percent rise it should be thought of as a “personal best”.

3 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics has a silver lining

  1. Where excellence fails, be the best you can be

    @Laurice: You may be a Jozie sophisticated socialite, but you fail to understand the basics of sport couture, which unlike its haute brothers and sisters, puts functionality in front of sex appeal chic. While many may think that Ryks cozzie or Sharapovas tennis frock is sexy, they’d probably look just as good in a zoot suit

    Its trendy to sneer art crocs, but they are the most functional piece of footwear since the ubiquitous slip-slop. They are comfortable waterproof, indestructable and an absolute boon when one has to shower in a public place while waiting for your results on the score screen. There could have been serious outbreaks of all sorts of nasty foot transmitted diseases in the Olympic village otherwise. The colour coding is crucial as rumour has it that post game frolics have something to do with mixed colour shoe codes for international bonding rituals.

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