Naked table tennis

#22. Develop an interest in sport post the Olympics. CNN is reporting this morning that the International Table Tennis Federation is trying to sell the game as a spectator sport by introducing tighter fitting tops and short skirts for female participants. The federation no doubt had to meet well into the night to come to this finding.

Arguments, counter-arguments, heated debate, near walkouts, a lockdown and finally when the coffee pots had run dry and those strange plastic-covered muffins you get at meetings had all been eaten, just a few crumbs left on the mustache of the federation president, they came up with the plan to rescue this sport.

Mmm. How about a bigger table?


What about building a campaign around the ping pong ball?

Thailand already did that.

I’ve got it. Table tennis – audience is half empty. Beach volleyball – not only are the cups full but the audience runneth over.

It’s brilliant!

But as my all-knowing assistant pointed out, if they really wanted to improve audience numbers, they should just get them to play naked. It would even work for the scrabble championships. There must be a federation I can speak to about this.

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