Usain Bolt's lightning fast track record

#23. Nothing to do in Joburg besides … wish I was Jamaican (or as it is now known, “the sprint capital of the world”).  It’s that speed, those colours of the flag, those golden shoes, that accent, that music and that island style. It’s Usain Bolt and his teammates.

The Jamaican track team have run off with more than just Olympic glory.

And from that place with its sad history of colonialism, slavery and violent crime  — the UN reports that Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world “usually ranking third after Colombia and South Africa” (You can’t say we are not good at anything) has come a winning team . Maybe it’s the official motto of Jamaica that has something to do with it:  “Out of many, one people”.

3 thoughts on “Usain Bolt's lightning fast track record

  1. This is Jermaine in Jamaica. Just read your column. Very nice.

    The reason why Jamaicans are so good at so many things is that we don’t settle for mediocre. We are the best in whatever we do (whether good or bad).

  2. Yes. We are silver medalists. If we are really going to compete we will have to work on that kidnapping thing the Columbians do so well. It has never really taken off here.

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