We'll always have Paris, and Hillary and Barack

#19. Follow the American election race on YouTube. First there was Obama Girl with “I’ve got a crush…”, then Hillary’s fanclub weighed in with “Obama Girl, You’re a Skank”. Next up was the dull grey dude, John MCain, who joined in the video race with some ridiculous ads comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Paris won that round, just by being hot. And Obama won it without even responding. (Now the dull grey dude is being sued by singer and songwriter Jackson Browne for using one of his songs in a campaign video deriding Obama’s gas conservation policy. Not only did he steal the song, but Browne happens to be a lifelong democrat, reports Reuters. So McCain is not only dull, he is also stupid.)
Now there’s “I’m voting Republican” a brilliant answer to McCain and his ilk and a great voter education piece on what a few more years of Republican rule would mean.

A fool and his liberty are soon parted (said Retta Fontana. Don’t ask. I have no idea who this is. I just liked the quote.)

One thought on “We'll always have Paris, and Hillary and Barack

  1. Next thing you know KFC will be offering the “Hillary Special” – Two fat thighs and a right wing

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