Why Jewish people wouldn't make good hijackers

#25. Answer Marc Lottering with a Jewish equivalent. Jewish people would not make good plane hijackers because…

1. Their luggage would be so heavy with all that Carrol Boyes cutlery they are shlepping to their relatives who have left SA, they wouldn’t make it onto the plane.

2. They would be scared that Voyager wouldn’t credit them with the miles if they did hijack the plane.

3. They  would be so busy complaining about the seats in economy class that there wouldn’t be time to hijack the plane.

4.  If they did take the next step it would probably be to demand better food on board.

5. Jewish mothers want their sons to be lawyers or doctors and most Jewish boys want their mothers to be happy. “A hijacker, you’ve become a hijacker? Next you’ll get a motorbike. For  this your father and I worked to send you to a private school? What are the perks?”

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt/defame/malign/insult anyone reading it or having it read to them.

4 thoughts on “Why Jewish people wouldn't make good hijackers

  1. how do you come up with this stuff dude.offensive, oh what the hell thats some really funny stuff dude.hope those lawyers dont sue your a&*s.

  2. Listen doll, most of us are so neurotic about
    checking out as a result of Deep Vein
    Thrombosis; whose got time to agonise over
    dying in mid air as a result of hijacking
    the plane

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