Julius Malema joins Sarah Palin

#42. Share what must be quote of the day by The Times columnist Jonathan Jansen. Talking about the divisiveness of renaming SA’s streets in honour of politicians who may be today’s heroes and tomorrow’s villains, he said:

“Imagine, for example, naming a street after Julius Malema, the youthful idiot who found a way of remaining in the news by threatening to ‘eliminate’ or ‘crush’ the enemies of his campaign to seat Jacob Zuma in the presidency.

As the Sarah Palin of South African politics, he is a dangerous demagogue rescued from obscurity and and not sure what to do with his new-found power other than display his limited vocabulary with words like ‘kill’. (From “Let’s stay off Resentment Road“)

Enough said.

Now all that remains is for Julius Malema to move to Alaska. Sadly, there is a good chance of an empty governor’s mansion come November.

57 thoughts on “Julius Malema joins Sarah Palin

  1. The way I say It, you have 2 options.

    Option 1.

    Stop whining.
    Bear in mind that a huge majority(less tecno savvy) people actually like Malema.He appeals to them at a grass roots level. This is where the ANC strong hold is in terms of voter numbers.So if anyone is dumb its you people for not understanding the numders game and the intricacies of winning people over.

    A snotty nosed, eloquent co-conut would certainly alienate most voters. You so called middle class lot and your new found standars should stop whining or immigrate(option 2.)

    This “lets hate on Malema” boys club bandwagon is getting full, and its getting old. Its annoying.

  2. People lets try and see things differently,i think JM actually fail to handle such stress..seeing leaders failing to do things correctly,we have kids has not received their result yet so how do call,im not saying he is right but leaders pls do you work.

  3. JM is a the most uneducated person i have ever seen, its suppose to be a youth leag but an old man is running the show they should kick him its not a stress problem he just likes to say bad things about other people cause he was never taught to say nice things, maybe he should look at himself befor saying anything about other people and if the ANC was wat they promaced to be and they would do something about this man that is ripping other people apart. Come on People we need to stand together and fight agains this people like JM.

  4. Well,there you have it all.
    Maybe Zuma don’t want to appear hipocratic[which he obviously is] to scold Malema in his wrong doings:I would be a dissaster.

    So what do we[Zuma & co.] do?we pretend to have heard nothing and just walse ahead.

    See my middle nameis Julius.Can I stand inline too?

  5. Julius, julius, julius!! you are by far the worst purile youth leader after fikile mbalula, well till the coercive circumcision. You are an embarassment to the Pedi people. O HLOKA GORE KOKO WAGO A GO TSIPE DI TSEBE LE DI ROPE FOR BEING DISRESPECTFUL. YOU SPEAK AS IF YOU WERE RAISED IN A CAVE SANI!!

  6. Julius Malema is much worse than an interesting state clown. The fact is that his brainless utterances both inform and reflect the attitudes of both the youth and a large number of uneducated people within the country. To the credit of the ANC, they are finally beginning to appreciate the damage that his role as youth leader can do to their international and local reputation, but the truth is that until they divorce themselves entirely from his brainless demagoguery, they appear no better than him.

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