The ANC’s Big Bang. Thabo Mbeki is out. Kgalema Motlanthe is in

#44. Wonder whether money spent on the Hadron Collider should have instead gone to the ANC who, on a much smaller budget, have managed to simulate the Big Bang. The firing and then resignation of President Thabo Mbeki and his replacement by Kgalema Motlanthe has everybody talking.

There is a sense that history is being made in this country and that we are all no longer passive participants in the future.  Everyone has a view. With the announcement of a new President, Motlanthe, and Deputy President, Lindiwe Sisulu, [the position was actually filled a few days later by Baleka Mbete] the reign of Thabo Mbeki is being shrugged off. Interestingly the ANC line on this is that the decision needed to be taken to “recall” Mbeki (much like one recalls a faulty DVD machine) in order to create a “strong and united ruling party” – Jacob Zuma told a press conference at Luthuli House today.

But political commentators are pointing out that if anything this move will break apart what has been an uneasy coalition of interests – the ANC and its Alliance partners.

It looks like Labour and Communists to the left, Mbeki and the bourgeoisie to the right. If this does happen we can only look forward to a healthier political climate where the space of politics is contested rather than dominated by one enormous ruling party. It’s called democracy.

There’s nothing to do besides watch this space…

5 thoughts on “The ANC’s Big Bang. Thabo Mbeki is out. Kgalema Motlanthe is in

  1. Comrade Mbeki, good luck for your early retirement. What i liked about Comrade Mbeki is that, he has put more people down. They thought he would resist like Mugabe to step down. You the real hero Ntate Mbeki. Now, lets put our hands on our foreheads and watch when things happen. Let the new clever blood enter the field and see what is in the heads of this group.

    May God be with all the ppl behind Comrade Mbebi, give them wisdom for the rest of their lives.

  2. Seo ke ithutileng sona ho Ntate Mbeki, BOIKOKOBETSO, MAMELLO LE MAMELO. Ha e ne e le motho e mong a ka ba a hanne ho theoha setulong. Hona ke hobnts’a boikarabelo ruri le boitlhompho ruri.

    Feela hona ke molaetsa oa botho le eena Zuma kaha a nahana hore eena u tla lula ha monate. Setulo sa boetapele ha se bonolo MaAfrika a heso. Zuma u tla its’ola ka le leng le eena. Youth league e tlang e tla sebetsana le eena, Polokwane e `ngoe e tla tla hape. Le eena a tle a hlokomele a tloha a se qete term tsa hae joale ka Ntate Mbeki. Zuma a hlokomele e se be o etsoa Lerumo leo batho ba loanang ka lona, e se be ke leri eo batho ba hloang ka eona joalekaha ho se ho hloele bo Khalema le bo Sezulu. Hoja Zuma a hlokomela tsela tsa hae.

  3. tjhe ngoana mo-afrika watla bua. o keke wa lebella ntate zuma ho utlwisisa ntho tsena. otseba hantle hore hase bohle ba hlakoreng la hae ba tshepang boetapele ba hae, ke ka hoo a bitswang moetapele empa matla a honka diqeto a matsohong a batho ba tshosang jwalo ka bo malema, bo tokyo ba bontshitseng naha hore mehwabadi ya ho hlolwa ke mbeki ka 99 esa opa. jwale re a kae moo makomonisi a nwang nkong elengwe ke makapitale.Tjhe ebang hona le motho atla reng ha abone se etsahalang,eo otla abe akgetha hosebone.nna le wena ha relo kgetha,empa hle eseng mahlanya ana

  4. President Motlanthe, you might unfortunately soon be out and recorded as one of the shortest lived rankings in history if you don’t curb the rabid muzzles of Zuma and Malema and their demand for civil war.

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