Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, and that Bradley Effect.

#56. Laugh at Barack Obama’s response to the “Bradley Effect” and hope to a higher power that he is right. With CNN starting to count the hours down to the US elections Barack Obama made an appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and had the audience eating out of his hand. If it was within my power to become an American citizen in the next 48 hours I would do so just so I could cast my vote for someone who talks like a leader.

In a world of overabundance of most things I don’t like — poverty, greed, plastic, potholes, poor service, bullies and people who pick their nose in traffic (why?, why?) — leadership has become a scarce resource. And the lack of inspirational figures in politics both locally and globally should have us all worried. And even if you don’t find Barack Obama compelling for any number of reasons could you really face yourself the next morning if you willed that other guy to win — the one who looks like he is storing nuts in his cheek. What’s with that?

Back to the “Bradley Effect” — according to Wikipedia, a phenomenon noted to explain “observed discrepancies” between what white people say about who they will vote for when a black candidate and a white candidate are being fielded, and where they mark their cross in the voting booth. Basically they say they will vote for the black guy, but don’t.

Asked about this by Jon Stewart, Obama replied that maybe “the white people didn’t get the memo” as “we are still here”. Looking unbelievably relaxed and with a set of gnashers that would make the people at Extreme Makeover call Da Vinci veneers to see if they could make a model like that (in short — I am highly envious) he laughed in all the right places, and was utterly charming, warm and good-humoured for someone who has been running a campaign for the past 18 months and probably has to schedule in time to breathe.

The best question from Jon Stewart had to be (something along the lines of) — your mother is white and your father is black. Do you think you think you might be swayed by the “Bradley Effect”.

It’s worth watching the entire clip. I promise.
(If for some reason you have trouble viewing it, slide the thingie at the beginning back to the end and then back to the start, so it looks like this).


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