Bob Cesca on Barack Obama and that White House

#64. Post some of Bob Cesca’s answers to my questions in Obama won and we won. Cesca is a featured blogger on The Huffington Post — a collection of great blogs that is one of the world’s most successful news websites. I read that he will soon be launching his book called “One Nation Under Fear” described as “a collection of blog-style essays which examines the politics of fear during the “dark ride” of the Bush years.” I ‘ll be ordering a copy.

In his post “At long last, it’s beginning to feel like America” Cesca puts into words what many of us, and we are outside the United States, feel the rise of Barack Obama, represents. It is not the triumph of one man but the triumph of a nation who chose to put aside their prejudices, and to transcend their limitations.

In Cesca’s words: “In terms of race, in terms of history, politics and American life we’ve crossed over to a better place and a more hopeful time. Not simply because of one man, but because we were prescient enough to have recognized ourselves and the true nature of America reflected in that one man. From there, we set about the task of freeing ourselves from the darkness of this decade and the skulking shadows that have for too long haunted us. In this respect, all of us — all races — are a little more free at last.”

For so long, this little rainbow nation has held onto itself as something miraculous, something unmatched, even as the threads have started to unravel. What happened in the United States last week is a timely reminder that we still have some lessons to learn and that those moments in which everything is illuminated and we transcend our own limits for a greater good should be what we protect at all cost, not the fragile egos of powerful men.

Cesca’s post should be read in full. Get it here.

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