Obama won and we won

#60. Celebrate. The mood is great. Everybody’s talking. We love Barack Obama. In Australia they are saying it’s the realisation of Martin Luther King’s dream. In Kenya tomorrow has been declared a public holiday in honour of Obama’s “Kenyan-ness”.

Obama didn’t forget anyone in his acceptance speech — he was gracious, inspiring, and even made Jesse Jackson cry. Not since Nelson Mandela has the world had such a “leader”. A man who embraces ideals as he speaks, who talks to everyone, who refers not to “I” but to “we” — as in “we, the people”.

And now for the questions this all raises. Where’s the photo of George Bush leaving the White House with his pot plant from the Oval Office and cardboard box filled with love letters to Condi. What breed of puppy with Obama’s kids choose (I have a spare 3-month-old German Shepherd who prefers Business Day to The Times as a morning meal) and who would probably thrive on some international travel. And then there’s that other question. Can it still be called the White House?

2 thoughts on “Obama won and we won

  1. A black Hope in a white house, my nose. It has nothing to do with Black Power or Negro-philia,but a lot to do with common humanity.Obama a product of miscegenation. He transcends colour. Jackson is not crying but eating his words in appropriate quantities because like Hip-hop cheapskate Fifty cent, he saw Obama as an Oreo.Can we clone Obama for this country though? If Obama were a member of the ANC,he would change the White House to Black House.But now he is not and he is a man on a mission. He does not care whether its White House or Black House. He does not care about name-changes. I bet if he were a South African,he would waste time changing names like Johnnic to Avusa, but he is not.Now can we clone or hothouse somebody quickly.

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