Cocktails at The Saxon

#69. Mix up a cocktail in Saxon-boutique-hotel-style, one of this city’s most luxurious and discreet hideouts. Once the home of Douw Steyn – and still owned by him – the Sandhurst residence was Nelson Mandela’s first home after he was released from prison in 1990 (It now has 4 presidential suites). It’s where he took time out to edit his master work “Long Walk to Freedom” and where, rumour has it, Oprah keeps an office when she visits South Africa to check in on her Leadership Academy for Girls. It was also the site of the launch of Grey Goose vodka recently (I am told the French vodka brand carries such cachet that it is never ordered by the tot — rather by the bottle). It   was a lunch sadly not attended by either Mandela nor Oprah. But if they had arrived they would have been treated to the Saxon’s  Caipiroska cocktail which in itself has leadership potential.

37.5ml (1.5 tots) Grey Goose
1 x whole Lime
10ml Passion fruit cordial
2 teaspoons passion fruit pulp
50ml granadilla juice
Scoop crushed ice

Cut lime into wedges and muddle in a whisky tumbler with the sugar syrup.
Add the Grey Goose Vodka, passion fruit cordial, passion fruit pulp and the granadilla juice and mix well.
Add the crushed ice and mix.

Then drink.

And don’t drive

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