A 10-year-old's take on Obama

#72. Support an Obama interview by Damon Weaver. Ten-year-old Weaver, a student reporter from Kathryn E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary in Florida, US is making a bid to interview Barack Obama during the week of his presidential inauguration in Washington DC. Weaver made Joe Biden his “homeboy” in an earlier interview, reports The Huffington Post.

Poised, articulate and smart as a whip, Weaver posted a You Tube video to prove to Obama why he should allow the interview even asking “your people to call my people” — Weaver’s people happen to be his elementary school reading teacher. The 10-year-old is an articulate spokesperson for the case of so-called “citizen journalism” that takes “making the news” out of the hands of the privileged few.

In a four-minute video he showcases his school’s TV studio “where the magic happens” and tries to convince Miami Heat basketball stars to go one-on-one with Obama and let him win if he grants Weaver the interview. This kid is worth watching.

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