My Southern Valentine

#83: Head South. Really. Down Rifle Range Road and near Columbine Ave (and they wonder why I think the South of Joburg sounds dangerous), we  went to The Glen Shopping Centre for a Valentine’s dinner. Turns out that besides for Christmas, V-day is the biggest day on The Glen’s calendar.  And there were enough women in red and teenagers necking or smoking in dark alleyways to prove it.

We had decided to try out the new branch of Sugo Rosso (our favourite breakfast spot in Parktown North – Order the fritatta with extra nonna sauce and read a rave review here) now in the South.  The place was bustling, really loud, and despite the crowds they gave us impeccable service (and we were not the only ones, see Hello Peter), roses, free snacky bits, and lots of sparkling wine. We ate from the deli menu, lots of delicious little Italian tastes, Spanish-tapas style, especially the fried polenta, the sun-dried tomato pesto bruschetta and the phyllo parcels.

That part of town is interesting for a Northerner who rarely crosses over. It’s more racially diverse, and judging from the table nearby, more sexually diverse too (I said it was loud).

We walked out into the warm night and looked up from the parking lot at the twinkly lights from the mansions of Glenvista that line the adjacent hills. There was not a meerkat or guinea fowl to be seen (according to Wikipedia they tend to run wild in that part of town). It was almost romantic….

For a second… And then the smokestack from the Spur belched out another cloud of hamburger smoke across the parking lot, the warm air trapping the smell, making my throat seize up my eyes water,  and evoking my fight or flight instinct. And so we made a run for the car and headed back to Rifle Range Road … across the steak line to the relative safety of the tree-lined northern suburbs.

* Sugo Rosso can be contacted on 011 – 442 0540(Parktown North)

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