Valentine's wishes, SA-style

#82. Mark Valentine’s Day with some truly South African greetings.

Heart Hijack

While people everywhere spend the day trying to impress their partner with Valentine’s riches like red roses, heart-shaped balloons, candy, a six-pack of Castle Lager, or a vacuum cleaner and those who don’t have a partner spend the days leading up to the day frequently playing Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive”, steeling themselves with motivational messages and trying to impress upon the world that they don’t care (and they shouldn’t), and that Valentine’s Day is an evil plot hatched by some savvy marketers who were determined to find a commercial opportunity between Christmas and Easter (and you thought this was a secret until now?) someone has taken time to create some great cards with appropriate local flavour.



And the the Pièce de résistance


* The images are brought to you by JollyGoodJokes and to me by my dearest friend ML.

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