ANC posters made over

#100. Keep an eye on the ANC’s election posters that are getting a makeover all over this city. With just two weeks to go until South Africa votes, a campaign has been mounted… above the ANC’s campaign, literally, with ANC-like posters being placed above the smiling face of President-in-waiting Jacob Zuma bearing all sorts of catchy phrases like “Ke Nako Ya Go Ithuta Sezulu” — It’s time you learnt Zulu.” So far they have been spotted on major routes leading into the city.

There’s this one:

ANC poster

Meaning “Umshini Wam” made in China

and these ones on Jan Smuts Avenue ….


* These photos are from Frank Talk the second’s FB page

and another one that says:

“Justice is the name of my next wife”

And they are all to be found on Frank Talk II’s profile on Facebook. See it here

If Marvin Gaye was still around he would have been singing “I saw it on Facebook” rather than “I heard it on the grapevine”.

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