Jacob Zuma's forked tongue

#98. Look for the crazy signs. And they are everywhere. This town is plastered with election posters — On Barry Hertzog in Emmarentia a forked tongue hangs out of the mouth of a smiling Jacob Zuma. In Saxonwold his nose is bright green. I have seen him with an AIDS ribbon covering his mouth, two missing front teeth, a curly mustache and a showerhead or two. The ANC posters seemed like Greek to me until I realised they were actually written in Greek – I saw three on the top of Oxford Rd next to Temple Emmanuel, a reform synagogue. It’s understandable.

All Mediterannean nationalities look the same or at least cook similar dishes.

They should have carried an English subtitle saying: This is not a joke.

Then there was the Pan Africanist poster in the city – next to the Joburg Art Gallery that said: Cancell all student debt [sic]. I saw Bantu Holomisa wrapped around a large dustbin in Braamfontein with a message that read “Now is the time to clean South Africa”  and Helen Zille’s shiny, puffed out face smiling down at me.

Cope tossed the poster idea after failing to work out which face to put on it — one leader or another — and instead wrapped up a building next to the Nelson Mandela bridge asking me to vote hope.

If these election bids are anything to go by – Right now my vote is my secret — so secret that it’s even hard for me to work out how I am going to use it.

One thought on “Jacob Zuma's forked tongue

  1. CONCERNED PATRIOT OF RSA in fear of brewing civil war

    Dear Editor

    Please recieve this letter with the assurance that this is from a lover of this country all its people. I’m not a member of any political party but i am an ardent observe of our policical affairs. Having closely orbseved the current affairs surrounding the issues involving our political leaders and more specifically the reaction after the pronouncement by the NPA on the Zuma case, i’ve vehemently noted the tone of communication and confrontations amongst fellow citizens. It is understandable that public opinion would want to protect its interest and beliefs, just recently issues are not being address with clear heads. You find a situation that blogs are being inundated with rage and swearing, name-calling and finger pointing, which can be considered as symptoms of ‘a country in a war of words.’

    Throughout the world history has taught us about how countries like the Middle-East, and Africa have gone into a state of civil war simply because the environment of debate had been corrupted by those with a bad-loud-voice like some of our leaders today.

    To be more specific the Zuma case has devided the country even further and causing disdain amongst families, friends, colleagues, civil society, comrades, judges, public officials etc. Please note that should not be blamed on Mr Zuma since he was just trying by all means to exonorate himself. The point is civil society is continuosly hurling rage at each other and this can only lead to a civil war.

    This bring me to my initial concern that this country has been through many challenges to be reduced to going into conflict with itself.

    It becomes my plea to all media editors to guards their intergrity in reporting the issues, with a clear focus on keeping the country informed with objective facts that will not incite its residents with violence.

    I was born here, under apartheid – I will not die here under something worse!!!!

    God will hold our leaders, the media, and everyone involved liable should the worse arise.

    Yours in peace, protection and prosperity
    Kgakgamatso Phatlane

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