The documentary that caused all the trouble

#114. Laugh it Off. Last night we joined close on 4000 people for the Heavyweight Comedy jam at Emperor’s Palace.  The mood was good, the audience all warmed up. The jokes kept coming. “We used to drive on the left side of the road, now we drive on what’s left of the road”, said Al Prodgers.

“The Gautrain will have 200 people in each carriage and go 160km an hour. Do you think taxi drivers are worried about that?” And then there were the jokes about South African politics – from Helen Zille and her concubines to David Kau’s riff on Julius Malema’s woodwork grade. Judging by the laughter just saying the name Julius Malema is a punchline in this town.

I think it was Prodgers who said something along the lines of: “Every time the President is introduced they say there is no cloud over his head. It sounds like a weather report. No cloud but a strong possibility of showers.”

Cue the crowd roaring with laughter.

All this in the same week that the SABC decided that laughter isn’t the best medicine and that gagging and banning are preferable to public engagement and broadcasting. The dust has barely settled with the SABC now threatening to sue the Mail&Guardian for theft after they put up an unedited version of the “dangerous documentary” on political satire (It was meant to screen this week — I even set up the PVR for it). It’s worth watching. Click here.

And then there’s Zapiro’s response to the SABC in a cartoon titled A Hundred and One uses of a dead SABC executive (which includes, being used “as a doormat for Luthuli house” – although “a live one will do just as well” says South Africa’s sharpest pen). Click here to see it.

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