Best croissants are in French Johannesburg

#127. Greet the day by saying “bonjour”. Or at least be greeted by lots of people who think you speak French because you are sitting in the garden at the Alliance Francaise across from the Zoo Lake, savouring a bit of winter sunshine. I was there for the good coffee and heavenly pan au chocolat – layers of buttery pastry folded around delicious chocolate, delicate and crispy in all the right places.
So good I took some pastries home and the smallest critic said he didn’t like them because they didn’t taste like the South African version of the pastry – which tastes more like a bread roll. No subtlety at all.
An excellent endorsement I thought.
And so I will go back to the Le Cafe de l’Alliance which I am reliably told also serves a great lunch of baguettes with various toppings, the creation of chef Phillipe Debray. The service was “interesting”, but got better as the morning sun changed its slant. And the soft tones of pretty French accents all around me only served to enhance the moment. Viva la France in Joburg, I say — being a big fan of cultural exchanges especially when they involve pastry.
* Alliance Francaise is at 17 Lower park Drive, Corner Kerry Road, in Parkview. Tel +27 (0)11 646 1169

4 thoughts on “Best croissants are in French Johannesburg

  1. Dear Lettuce, oops I mean Laurice,

    I don’t want to pan your French but it gives me a pain when you refer to pan au chocolat…

    Elsewhere you write: “the awesome duo who heads Black Coffee..”

    Shurely shome mistake? Aren’t there any subs left at The Times?
    Why didn’t you write “The awesome duo which head Black Coffee”?

    Pay attention at the back there!

  2. Thanks for that — and in the spirit of cultural exchange, I ask for forgiveness. I seem to have mixed up my Vive le France with the local version.

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