Aliens land in Soweto

#133. “The ship appears to be stopping over Johannesburg city. They are homeless … they pitched up and we gave them a chunk of earth.”
And so begins the promo for District 9.

My American nephew mentioned “District 9” to me last night and I was quick to correct him — “it’s District 6” I said all knowingly. And in the realm of the bizarre (not so much because because I was wrong and he was right) District 9 does exist. It’s a Hollywood sci-fi thriller about alien life in Soweto, made by Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp. All credit goes to Matthew Buckland for pointing this out on his blog.

For more videos and background on this go to Matthew Buckland’s post District 9: Spaceships over Soweto. And if it is a hoax, it’s a still worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Aliens land in Soweto

  1. An Introduction is in Order
    As a young South African from Jo’burg, and as someone who has witnessed the poverty and the potential of brilliance of the young generation of Soweto, I think Sony Pictures, Peter Jackon, Neil Blomkamp and any other parties that poured out a lot of dough into the fantastic advertising campaing of this promising movie, should find it in their hearts to offer a slice of their box-office income into starting a Digital Arts school for Soweto, in Soweto.

    Since the movie itself is filled with, and its creator Blomkamp has a background in 3D graphics and CGI, it is symbolically apt for a Digital Arts school, which is currently absent in Soweto, to be founded and offered to many a-talented children and teenagers in the area, devoid of a decent education, to pursue their hidden talents and future careers.

    Please feel free to leave comments, spread the word and let’s get this intergalactic charity ball rolling…

    Be on the look-out for updates as to how we can initiate, approach and succeed in this. (i.e. e-mail addresses or fax numbers to which the word should get to)

    —-This has been a Dust Media propaganda—-

  2. ***spoiler alert***

    The Movie is set in D-9 which in the movie is set on the East Rand close to Thembisa. Many ‘academians’ from the ‘University of Kempton Park’ comment on the main character Wikus Van der Merwe.

    If you want a multimedia school, open one, but don’t feel like Blomkamp needs to give it to you because he has hit the big time now. There are many worthy schools out there who would be willing to take money from students who want to pay for multimedia.

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