Joburg's very pink bakery

#138. Eat a seed bar, and then another. I finally dropped in to The Chef in Richmond. The pink store with the cupcake on the window had been on my mind. I often drive past it while taking a shortcut between Auckland Park and Melville and wonder what secrets it holds. Last week all was uncovered. I stopped the car, got out and smelt the cupcakes. 

Stuart  McClarty aka The Chef is a large man who is not easily fazed. I greeted him, told him I had driven past many times and that today was his day and that I was waiting to be impressed. He didn’t blink. An order of tea and hot cholcolate arrived at our table complete with a sample of some of the bakery’s delights: a chocolate brownie (moist and chewy just as they should be); a shortbread biscuit (that’s real butter) and the piece de resistance … The Chef’s seedbar. Not just any seedbar but one that has distinct personalities merged into one unmistakable taste.  Like the Roman god Janus who presides over doorways and over beginnings and endings The Chef’s seedbar harked the demise of watching one’s weight and the start of an addiction.  The name is a humourous one — yes, there are seeds — pumpkin, sunflower and even some flax — but they are bound to a base of shortbread with honey, butter and cream.  Just as they should be.


Delicious. I have since been back, unable to resist the lure of fresh baked goods and The Chef’s interesting   sense of humour. I especially liked a little note on the breakfast menu that said: “We strive for perfection therefore we will not fry eggs, don’t ask the chef he is irascible [sic]”.  The asterisks on the bottom of the menu show: “Irascible: easily provoked to anger; very irritable” and then there is another note on the next page warning: “Prices are subject to change according to the customer’s attitude”.

So far I have found no evidence of The Chef’s irascibility — but then I haven’t gotten near to having a real meal.  It’s those seedbars…

* The Chef is at 17 Menton Road, Richmond. (011) 482 1883

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