William Kentridge, that nose and my iphone

#141. Read Gogol on my iphone. An article in Business Day’s Wanted about the inspiration behind William Kentridge’s tapestries (now on display at Goodman Gallery at Arts on Main) had me searching my iphone for a copy of Nikolai Gogol’s The Nose .

According to Emma Jordan in “Weaving the crusader tale”, William Kentridge is producing Dimitri Shostakovich’s opera based on Gogol’s short story for the New York Metropolitan Opera. It opens in March 2010. The story is about a barber who finds a nose in his breakfast and recognises it to be that of a man who he attends to regularly — a pompous civil servant. He is desperate to be rid of the nose and throws it over a bridge. The nose takes on a life of its own … and I have to finish Chapter 2 to tell you what happens next.

For $1.99 I downloaded The Nose onto my phone. Written in 1835 it should make Gogol’s head spin that I can now read it in that format. It made mine. With customizable fonts, the iBook Reader makes reading on my phone quite a pleasant experience. Perfect for long waits at the Receiver of Revenue office or at the doctor. Look out for me in queues. I will be the only one smiling.

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