Ras Dumisani's killing me softly

#168. Enjoy the Ras Dumisani saga. This is the man who cried sabotage after he was accused of “butchering” the national anthem in the lead-up to the Springboks vs. the French in Toulouse earlier this month. Some went so far as to call it “treason”.

Dumisani, who claims to be an experienced reggae artist, had this to say in response:

As for his performance in Toulouse – billed as “the destruction of the national anthem”, you could at least credit him for really making that song his own. Not easy with a national anthem.

The Springboks lost but sites carrying the words and tune of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika no doubt experienced a spike in traffic.

As one of the game’s TV the commentators put it: “This is a highly experienced SA team but not many of them would ever have experienced their anthem sung like that.”

One thought on “Ras Dumisani's killing me softly

  1. I think people are jealous of the dreaded one. Not everyone will get an opportunity of a life time like this. Attention was diverted for the boks losing the match. The main thing was to sing the anthem, and he did. If anyone had a problem, they must deal with it. To Ras Dumz, before the event, you were known by a few, now you are famous, make it work for you!

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