Forget Jack Sparrow. Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow is way cooler

#180. Get hooked on Afrikaans bad boy rapper Jack Parow and watch endless repeats of his “Cooler as Ekke”, an anthem that cuts to the heart of what it feels like when someone thinks they are cooler than you. Jack Parow is the voice of everyman against people called Chaz who have great hair and can wear pink button down shirts and loafers with no socks. Okay it’s broader than that. Jack Parow is the voice of anyone who comes from the East Rand.

I just came across this interview with Parow by Gabi Goldberg (worthy of Rolling Stone) on a site called Moral Fibre (which I now like this very much). It reads:

“Jack Parow truly is original, he is in fact theoriginal donker dodgy afrikaans rapper”. The rest are just “fokken copies”.

He never really thought about a stage name as such, the name Jack Parow came about as he was “drunk, and then Pirates of the Caribbean was on tv and I tuned, fuck Jack Sparrow the pirate of the Caribbean, I’m Jack Parow the pirate of the caravan park … luckily I remembered it the next morning!”

The pirate of the caravan park launched himself into MySPace and his profile has had more than 80 000 views.

Inspired by Eminem Jack Parow has always “smaaked” Dr Alban and Shaggy but his real turning point was, according to Moral Fibre, when he “wrote this track in Afrikaans where I was being robbed by a bergie and I was like tuning him kak and so, and it came out so cool that I was like, fokkit, why haven’t I been rapping in Afrikaans all along?”

He is heavily influenced by “drunk people. I love drunken conversations, they are the fokkin best thing ever-also people who are like heavy into cars or systems, they have the best one-liners.”

Drunkenness, bergies, being robbed –Jack Parow’s music is inspired by the everyday life of millions of South Africans.
His is the voice of a nation.

His lyrical gems include:

Jy’s ice tea, ek’s witblits
Jy’s lite bier, ek’s spirits
Jy’s die ou met die new fresh look
Ek’s die ou met die Pep Stores broek

And the killer blow

Ek’s original jy’s gecopy
Ek’s ‘n flash drive jy’s ‘n floppy

* Click here for the full lyrics to Cooler as Ekke. To read the interview with Jack Parow, and you should, go to Moral Fibre.

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