The youth remember apartheid. Say What?

# 197 Point you to what I think is a brilliant campaign created by TBWA for Joburg’s top museum, the Apartheid Museum. It’s called “A history forgotten is a future lost” and it’s a series of video interviews conducted with young adults in the form of a pop quiz.

And depending on which generation you fit into you’ll find this video either amusing, heartening, shocking or just plain sad. The response it has generated veers between celebrating that young South Africans are getting on with their democratic lives and lamenting that they are dislocated from the past and that this is to their peril. Right now I agree with both, just not quite sure how to reconcile that. How about you?

You can also watch the rest of the campaign on the Apartheid Museum’s website. Click here to get there. To read more about TBWA’s thinking behind the ads click here.

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