Joburg Fashion Week heads to the city

Enjoy the idea of Joburg Fashion Week glossing up the inner city. It’s something SA Fashion Week and the Fairlady Awards did for years but to a much smaller audience. I’ve seen catwalk shows at Turbine Hall, pre-renovation, at Hillbrow’s Windybrow Theatre and even at the deconsecrated Wolmarans Street Synagogue. This time the venues are a little more luxe and include the Rand Club, the Bus Factory (OK, not that luxe) and what sounds like a spectacular finale across the Nelson Mandela Bridge with David Tlale showing 92 outfits, each marking one year of Madiba’s life. I have also heard that the best part of that show will be that everyone gets a front-row seat – and you don’t have to trip a fashion editor for it.

You can read all about it in Adam Levin’s “sexy in the City” in today’s Sunday Times Lifestyle.

“As Joburg Fashion Week reclaims some iconic urban landmarks, Adam Levin wonders whether local fashion and the inner city can bale each other out of a stalemate… Until recently, the phrase “Urban Renewal” struck a chord of fatigued scepticism in jaded Joburgers like me. “Oh, The Annual Renewal”, I’d yawn. After all, I’d witnessed so many false starts in this uncertain terrain, words like “Newtown” had become oxymorons. But lately, the battered optimism of my inner Jozi has dared rekindle. The groundswell of bold, new ventures in gritty urban armpits from Braamfontein to Jeppestown can no longer be dismissed with a sigh…” More

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  1. What I wanted to say here is – opinions, suggestions, information that people post in their blogs are sometimes nonsense but this NOT one of these examples.

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