Surviving Joburg at The Bioscope

Head to The Bioscope at Arts on Main. Finally made it there on Wednesday night for the screening of Unhinged: Surviving Joburg, Adrian Lovland’s paean to the city. Funny, smart, a little anxiety-provoking in parts — much like the place that inspired it. The movie is a quick A-Z of the city with the youthful Loveland as compassionate navigator and guide to a city that is not always entirely loveable.

The Bioscope is Joburg’s newest independent cinema picking up in some ways from what was the 7Arts in Norwood and cinema nouveau before it became “Cinema Nouveau” with blue shlushies and 25-buck popcorn. The seats are a little basic – having become accustomed to “Cinema Nouveau’s” plush loveseats but that’s the point. And after a while I started to enjoy feeling like I was watching a movie at the drive-in.

The plan is for Unhinged to play every Wednesday night as an anthem for the city. So plenty of opportunity to see it. And you should. And once that’s ticked off there’s noodlebox cinema – a kung fu flick accompanied by a box of noodles [Mostly sold out so book well in advance] – and a good weekly line-up of independent films.

* The Bioscope is at 286 Fox Street. Programme.

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