Breaking News: Apple’s next big thing

Apple's Steve Jobs

Hayibo, South Africa’s riposte to The Onion, one of my favourite sites for news as it could be, is back and better. And this time they have fixed on Apple’s constant reinvention of products we already have. As a huge Apple fan I too can’t help wondering when the thrill of a new device will wear off – that after an iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and an iOverdraft.

This is breaking news designed to crack you up.

In latest news Hayibo reports:
“Apple announces next big thing, steady influx of more stuff”

CUPERTINO, CA. Apple today officially unveiled its next big thing, named the iNext Big Thing, describing it as the “the future of big things, and definitely the biggest thing that’s happened to big things since the last big thing”. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to officially pull the thing out of a rip in the time-space continuum in his jeans pocket during the company’s keynote presentation next week.

“Here at Apple, we’re always trying to find exciting, innovative new ways to persuade people to buy overpriced, mostly pointless things to replace whatever overpriced, mostly pointless thing we brought out six months ago…” Read the rest on Hayibo

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