Winter’s coolest campaign – Nando’s and Cheesekids Souperstars

After two weeks of watching Joburg go to war about a piece of art that started as a spear and then became a fear-inducing smear I am delighted to announce that Nando’s latest campaign has managed to lift the gloom.

I love this ad that tackles one of South Africa’s saddest darkest and twisty-est predilections – xenophobia.

It was shared by one of my favourite organisations Cheesekids for Humanity – led by the “grand fromage” Shaka Sisulu – who have teamed up with the chicken brand for their latest campaign.

I first came across Shaka’s work when we ran a campaign on Supporting the Matric Class of 2010 (post 2010, post-teachers’ strike) as part of my work with the iSchoolAfrica Youth Press Team. Watch him being interviewed by the “Queen of Tembisa High School”.

Cheesekids is “just a couple of young folk doing what we can to make our world better by putting our most valuable resource – time, and our backs – into various communities that could do with a little hand. Sound like your cuppa tea? Then join us.”
The latest campaign involves pop-up soup kitchens to feed SA’s hungry. You can sign up to be part of the Nando’s Souperstars here. This is what it’s all about.

Cheesekids’ last campaign was a Kamp Out over the weekend where people were asked to spend a night outdoors wearing lots of extra layers that they then had to shed the next morning so they could be distributed to the homeless. They are full of great ideas and theirs is a beat worth marching to.

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