Ice cream, waffles equals Joburg suburban bliss

Sunday morning and a long overdue celebration of Paul Ballen’s Homemade Ice Cream and Waffle Day. So good it deserves its own Day. @paul_ballen is one of those Joburg individuals I thank twitter for. I have even ordered his homemade ice-cream over that channel. It was months ago and I got a home delivery of 1 litre of Vietnamese coffee and another of Maple Syrup and Caramelized Pecan. Truly delicious. This morning we headed for  Saxonwold and a Breakfast of Champions – a homemade waffle with a dollop of creamy and smooth peanut butter ice cream. 

Waffle with peanut butter ice cream

Ballen recently graduated with an honors in psychology from Wits and knows how to churn ice cream. A rare combination of talent. A while back I sent him some questions about my favourite hobby of his. 

What’s the secret of great ice cream? No need to give up all your secrets. Poetry accepted 

Ice cream, I believe is all about balance and texture! I think  that the key to my ice cream is the quality of the ingredients and the custard that I make sure is the perfect consistency. Ice cream also cannot be ice cream without ice, but the ice crystals must be very tiny and almost not even noticeable! The key to this is a good quality ice cream machine. 

Follow the sign

Flavour you have yet to try and make? (Current flavours include Roasted Banana,  Green Tea &  White Chocolate and Chocolate Nutella and Oreo)

I would love to experiment more with sorbet and frozen yogurts but I always believe in mastering one thing, and then moving onto the next. 

Lemon curd ice cream

Ice cream maker brand?
Initially I used a Krupps, but they required pre-freezing were very inconsistent and I was restricted to making only 1 litre of ice cream per machine/per day. I recently purchased a Nemox Gelato Gelatissimo from Chef’s Warehouse which has a built-in compressor so I am able to make many tubs in a day, but in quite small quantities. 
Things you’ve learned while making ice cream 
Well, this is my first real experience of business, because embarrassingly I haven’t had much work experience. I’ve learnt a lot, but specifically how important it is to get to know the right people, about being loyal and treating good customers well, and also how difficult the food industry is. A huge amount of effort and time that goes into making one tub of ice cream, but I’m happy to be able to give those people that support me, a product that I am happy with and that I hope that they will enjoy. 
One day I will be …
The Ice Cream King of Johannesburg! 
(There is also the possibility of me maybe opening a shop, but who knows what will happen. Cape Town seems like it would more open to something like this, but a pop-up store might be a good way to try the market out) 

Paul Ballen

Order Paul’s ice cream here. Follow @paul_ballen on twitter to get an invite to the next waffle and ice cream day.

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