Iran's elections – a love song

#120. Follow the coverage of Iran’s elections. It’s burning up the Twittersphere with the most popular topics right now being shown as Teheran,¬†Ahmadinejad and Iranian. With talk of the results having been announced 30 minutes after the polls closed and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being declared the winner, Saturday Night Live dedicated a few minutes to Iran, the love song.

The documentary that caused all the trouble

#114. Laugh it Off. Last night we joined close on 4000 people for the Heavyweight Comedy jam at Emperor’s Palace.¬† The mood was good, the audience all warmed up. The jokes kept coming. “We used to drive on the left side of the road, now we drive on what’s left of the road”, said Al Prodgers.

“The Gautrain will have 200 people in each carriage and go 160km an hour. Do you think taxi drivers are worried about that?” And then there were the jokes about South African politics – from Helen Zille and her concubines to David Kau’s riff on Julius Malema’s woodwork grade. Judging by the laughter just saying the name Julius Malema is a punchline in this town. Continue reading

Barack Obama makes Saturday Night as good as Live

#108. Watch Barack Obama do shtick. And he’s funny, really funny. He spent Saturday night doing a live act at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. There are references to Michelle Obama’s “right to bare arms” after her sleeveless dresses made the UK media gasp, give high praise and spend column inches telling women how to get rid of their chicken wings, Dick Cheney’s new book “How to shoot people and ….” and the warm and fuzzy relationship between him and Hilary Clinton. She came back from Mexico and gave him a very big hug.

He outlined ambitious plans for the next 100 days Continue reading

Swine flu cured

#106. Make light of swine flu. For a while there it looked as if we were all destined to be struck down by swine flu. Front page headlines had the country on a knife edge, our lives and livelihoods at risk. Forget Joburg taxis, the Taliban (a little less dangerous than Joburg taxi drivers) and giant meteors, it was all going to end with a sneeze and a cough. (See The Wild Frontier for A Case of hype gone too far).

And just when it looked as if it wasn’t worth complaining that you didn’t score tickets to the Soccer World Cup final because you would be dead by 2010, the threat dissipated. And Hayibo is reporting that the Cape Town suburb of Fish Hoek was the first to be declared officially free of the deadly infection – although it is small consolation as according to the site “most South Africans would rather contract the disease and haemorrhage out of their orifices than live [there]”. Continue reading

SAA passengers relieved that staff are drug mules

#76. Report that is running a cracker of a story on the South African Airways drug bust. The story has hogged the headlines for the past few days after some pilots and cabin attendents were detained at Heathrow by British police after 50 kilograms of Durban’s Finest was found in their luggage. The dagga was also accompanied by close to four kilograms of cocaine. Which brings me back to, SA’s answer to The Onion, reporting that SAA passengers were hugely relieved after the arrests because “Passengers have complained for years about SAA hostesses being cold, distant, fidgety, and openly hostile, but say now they understand ‘it was just the tik talking’.”

It’s worth reading the full story

* Thanks to RL for pointing it out

President George Bush gets an early Christmas present

#70. Watch George Bush duck as two size 10 shoes whiz towards his head in quick succession at a press conference in Iraq. Having spent his career ducking questions, the soon-to-be-former-United-States-president showed that his talents for ducking have been honed to a fine art. Yelling out “This is the end”, an Iraqi TV journalist hurled his shoes as secret service agents looked on. No doubt over the days to come if news is slow TV networks will give a thorough assessment of the incident, creating infographics charting the shoes’ trajectory, finding out the make and weight and getting some expert views on the incident. Watch that space.
Happy holidays.