Sarah Palin in a Disney movie

#48. Watch the trailer for Head of Skate, the Sarah Palin blockbuster movie* that Disney wishes it could make.

“An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?” Continue reading

Benoni's Charlize Theron stars on The Daily Show

#43. Glow with pride. First an Oscar and now an appearance on The Daily Show. Charlize Theron has truly hit the big time. She talks to Jon Stewart about her new movie “Battle in Seattle”, banging directors for parts, the World Trade Organisation and lip plumpers. Continue reading

So is it a Triomf?

#8. Watch Triomf. Michael Raeburn’s filmic evocation of Marlene van Niekerk’s award-winning book Triomf – which premiered* last week – has left me feeling disturbed. Reason one is that it still hurts to drive past that bland suburb called Triomf and recall it was built on the ashes of Joburg’s true historical Bohemia, Sophiatown. Number two is that the book is set at the time of apartheid’s fall (the early 1990s) and is peopled by a poor white incestuous and alcohol-pickled family, ironically the poster children for apartheid racial purity and it’s consequences. These are not people I can find sympathy for. And yet they are depicted as being victims to each other, battered by the very thing that should support and nurture them – family – but instead eats them up alive. In some ways it’s like watching a car accident. Continue reading