Beyonce, Kanye West and all those single babies

#155. Watch crazy videos on You Tube of babies dancing to Beyonce’s “single ladies”. Time magazine summed it up nicely when they reported “Kanye West called it “one of the best videos of all time” at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards. Turns out he’s not the only tantrum thrower who feels that way. Toddlers can’t get enough of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ (Put a Ring on It).”
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SA's coolest website reviews District 9 mahala

#137. Read Andy Davis’ review of District 9 “Prawn Again” on Mahala, my current most favourite local website. Mahala means for free and that’s just what the content is, for nothing and on anything. The brainchild of Davis, a former magazine editor (SL) the site is smart and sharp, fresh and visual and carries some of the best and most current thinking and writing on South African art, music, photography and movies. Oh, and it also covers sport and surfing.


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Michael Jackson: remember him this way

#126. Watch Michael Jackson when he was still fabulous, still black, had a nose,  and an untarnished reputation. No burqas, no sexually inappropriate behaviour or allegations of it, and lots of cartilage. No crazy family stories, blackmail, circus animals or strange carny folk hanging around.

Just music and dance, and loads of funky rhythms that make me feel happy.

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Young, Gifted and Black

#121. Love this campaign by Channel O on DSTV. It’s called Young, Gifted and Black and its key motif is the remake of a Nina Simone song that became a civil rights anthem. The Channel O version features a star line-up including Lira and Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Its moving and soulful and beautiful to watch. Continue reading

Z news not brought to you by the SABC

#73. Get hooked on Z News (pronounced ze news). With the Nicholson ruling having been overturned the T-Boss and JZ show is back in the headlines. Z News is the brainchild of political cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro — the man Jacob Zuma’s legal team (and he needs one) might as well create templated lawyers letters for.  Only the dates and details need changing (shower head, having his way with the figure of Justice, blah blah blah etc.)The story doing the rounds is that the SABC – the public broadcaster whose last known act of imagination and daring was changing the screening times of The Bold and The Beautiful –  “commissioned” Zapiro to write a satirical news show based on his cartooning skills. Continue reading

Nicole Richie turns up at the Zoo Lake

#67. Follow in the footsteps of Lionel Richie by taking a walk around the Zoo Lake. Five new trees near the boathouse, some hastily planted patches of green grass,  and a chiseled plaque mounted in concrete were all that he left behind as he rounded off his recent tour of SA. That and lots of people unashamedly humming “Penny Lover” and “Hello,

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Songbird Miriam Makeba dies

#62. Lament the passing of Miriam Makeba – songbird, human rights activist, fashion icon, Grammy-winner and all-round inspiring human being.


This photo was taken by Gregor Rohrig. To see more of his photos of Makeba and read his tribute to her, click here

The best Sarah Palin song

#55. With so few days to go to the US presidential election I worry about missing out on all that great Sarah Palin material. Not since Dan Quayle was VP (and that was pre-You Tube) has the position been such cause of amusement. (OK There was that time Dick Cheney mistook his friend for a quail and popped a cap in his a**). For anyone who doesn’t recall Quayle he was famous for that potato incident and for saying things like “it’s great to be in Latin America, I am only sorry that I don’t speak Latin” and for addressing some hurricane refugees taking refuge on a beach by starting his speech with “Hello, happy campers”.
The title of “Sarah Palin video of the day” must go to the re-make of The Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”. Almost better than the original version.
* Be warned. This video may contain some bad language.