The inauguration and that dress

#74. Join the crowd and watch Barack Obama’s inauguration. A distinctly sedate occasion that started with goosebumps as the cavalcade made its way to the Capitol Building bearing the soon-to-be inaugurated “Commander-in-chief. Accompanied by CNN mentioning that the last event in the US to command such a massive TV audience was the final episode of M*A*S*H.

I watched it with family in Greenside, particularly significantly, my two Spanish-Speaking five-year-old nieces who live in Washington DC and were able to tell me that Yes We Can is Sí, se puede.

Much of the proceedings rested on the symbolic Continue reading

Naked table tennis

#22. Develop an interest in sport post the Olympics. CNN is reporting this morning that the International Table Tennis Federation is trying to sell the game as a spectator sport by introducing tighter fitting tops and short skirts for female participants. The federation no doubt had to meet well into the night to come to this finding. Continue reading