Barack Obama makes Saturday Night as good as Live

#108. Watch Barack Obama do shtick. And he’s funny, really funny. He spent Saturday night doing a live act at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. There are references to Michelle Obama’s “right to bare arms” after her sleeveless dresses made the UK media gasp, give high praise and spend column inches telling women how to get rid of their chicken wings, Dick Cheney’s new book “How to shoot people and ….” and the warm and fuzzy relationship between him and Hilary Clinton. She came back from Mexico and gave him a very big hug.

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The best Sarah Palin song

#55. With so few days to go to the US presidential election I worry about missing out on all that great Sarah Palin material. Not since Dan Quayle was VP (and that was pre-You Tube) has the position been such cause of amusement. (OK There was that time Dick Cheney mistook his friend for a quail and popped a cap in his a**). For anyone who doesn’t recall Quayle he was famous for that potato incident and for saying things like “it’s great to be in Latin America, I am only sorry that I don’t speak Latin” and for addressing some hurricane refugees taking refuge on a beach by starting his speech with “Hello, happy campers”.
The title of “Sarah Palin video of the day” must go to the re-make of The Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”. Almost better than the original version.
* Be warned. This video may contain some bad language.