Nigerians and South Africans – mind the gap

#150. Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s piece in The Guardian this morning titled: “Why do South Africans hate Nigerians?” Disturbing.
The acclaimed novelist was writing in response to the wound opened up by the movie District 9. Continue reading

SA's coolest website reviews District 9 mahala

#137. Read Andy Davis’ review of District 9 “Prawn Again” on Mahala, my current most favourite local website. Mahala means for free and that’s just what the content is, for nothing and on anything. The brainchild of Davis, a former magazine editor (SL) the site is smart and sharp, fresh and visual and carries some of the best and most current thinking and writing on South African art, music, photography and movies. Oh, and it also covers sport and surfing.


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Van der Merwe triumphs in District 9

#136.  Go see District 9. Last night was the premiere of the movie that everyone is talking about. Aliens in Johannesburg, weapons caches, biotechnology, a Nigerian warlord, some voodoo and an anti-hero called Wikus van der Merwe. Irresistible. Continue reading