iPhoneography SA exhibition in Sandton

It’s reassuring to know that there’s a name for this condition. Among its symptoms are thinking that every cloud formation is worthy of a photograph, and every amusing sign or artfully arranged plate of food deserves to be captured, shared and archived.

by Zac Rusagara

Hi. My name is Laurice Taitz and I am an iPhoneographer. It’s defined as someone who uses an Apple iPhone, along with multiple editing and sharing applications (or apps), to capture the world around them; or perhaps more accurately, the world right next to them. Continue reading

Guerilla knitting on Jan Smuts Avenue

Peace sign on Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood

Peace sign on Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood

#211 Wonder who knitted the peace signs on Jan Smuts Avenue. They’re gorgeous. The signs appeared shortly after the World Cup ended, wrapped around the trees on both sides of Jan Smuts Avenue somewhere between the Zoo Lake and the Goethe Institute (whose new wall-less exterior and re-imagined entrance does the building justice). Appropriate exhortations in a few official languages hand-made in pretty colours.This city is all about the unexpected. Continue reading

The people you are scared of on Facebook

#195. Share a little piece on the people you are scared of, or should be scared of, on Facebook. A little article I read in Australian GQ. A magazine. A real magazine with pages that crinkle as you read it in the bath. OK now I am starting to sound like one of those people you should be scared of on Facebook. A bit too much detail.
Along that Facebook route who hasn’t picked up a few “friends” they would never want to spend any time with but can’t help compulsively following.
My favourites on the GQ list include:
Misery lady: is trying to be strong today, after everything. Send me good vibes! Continue reading

ANC posters made over

#100. Keep an eye on the ANC’s election posters that are getting a makeover all over this city. With just two weeks to go until South Africa votes, a campaign has been mounted… above the ANC’s campaign, literally, with ANC-like posters being placed above the smiling face of President-in-waiting Jacob Zuma bearing all sorts of catchy phrases like “Ke Nako Ya Go Ithuta Sezulu” — It’s time you learnt Zulu.” So far they have been spotted on major routes leading into the city.

There’s this one:

ANC poster

Meaning “Umshini Wam” made in China Continue reading

Barack Obama is following me

#81. Love social media. After having spent a week in England learning about digital journalism which explains my absence from this blog, I hope, I have been converted to Twitter. Twitter is where people go to micro-blog. It’s like Facebook for the SMS generation. You get to follow people and they get to follow you. It’s all very flattering really plus you get say what you want in 140 characters.

Pithy is good. It’s a life lesson

And so it was with great excitement that I received the following news today.


It’s social media tools like Twitter and Facebook  — that are providing the opportunity  to create networks and foster a sense of community around common interests — that helped Barack Obama get to The Oval Office

As for my own Twitter-use, it may not be the first time I have been called a twit but it is the first time that I’ve enjoyed it.

Are you too old for Facebook?

#27: Think about whether there should be a cut-off age for Facebook participation. My doubts about being on FB re-surfaced this weekend,  starting with an emailed spoof graphic titled “facebook in 50 years” which showed what your facebook profile will look like half a century from now. It’s called pensionbook and among the coolest features are: “poke someone with your walking stick,” Continue reading