G20 breakthrough

#95. Watch anarchy on TV. The G20 protests are in full swing with lots of grainy footage, numerous tweets as the twittersphere tells the story in short bursts of 140 characters at a time, and the sounds of breaking glass. Right now protesters (wearing headbands) are breaking into the RBS bank in London — and Sky is reporting they are now breaking out of it. I suppose they realised too late that banks aren’t quite the moneypots they once were.

The demands are broad — from fighting poverty to injustice and of course global warming. The people are tired of the fat cats. US President Barack Obama said today, according to CNN, that “world leaders meeting at the G-20 summit ‘cannot afford half-measures’ as they try to hammer out ways to address the global financial crisis.”

Affordability is the big issue. And I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy as I watched Barack Obama¬† arrive in England with an entourage of hundreds in tow and a few helicopters (the real one and the decoys) stashed in his plane. A little too much bling for a G20 meeting.

Maybe he should have worn a headband.