SAA passengers relieved that staff are drug mules

#76. Report that is running a cracker of a story on the South African Airways drug bust. The story has hogged the headlines for the past few days after some pilots and cabin attendents were detained at Heathrow by British police after 50 kilograms of Durban’s Finest was found in their luggage. The dagga was also accompanied by close to four kilograms of cocaine. Which brings me back to, SA’s answer to The Onion, reporting that SAA passengers were hugely relieved after the arrests because “Passengers have complained for years about SAA hostesses being cold, distant, fidgety, and openly hostile, but say now they understand ‘it was just the tik talking’.”

It’s worth reading the full story

* Thanks to RL for pointing it out

Is London ready for the 2012 Olympics

#31. Nothing to do in Joburg besides… go to London for a few days, and post my blog from the Apple store in Regent Street (which by the way is busier on an average day than Hyde Park Exclusive Book’s opening sale day — with broadband the norm rather than the exception the Apple store has replaced the “internet cafe”).  

Well the first part is not strictly true, there is plenty to do in Joburg but London was calling. We landed at Heathrow at 6.30am (early), spent 30 minutes waiting for permission to exit the plane and another 25 having our passports stamped and then one hour waiting for baggage at the carousel. To which my ever-ready-with-a-quip assistant responded: “Do you think London is ready for 2012?”. Continue reading