iPhoneography SA exhibition in Sandton

It’s reassuring to know that there’s a name for this condition. Among its symptoms are thinking that every cloud formation is worthy of a photograph, and every amusing sign or artfully arranged plate of food deserves to be captured, shared and archived.

by Zac Rusagara

Hi. My name is Laurice Taitz and I am an iPhoneographer. It’s defined as someone who uses an Apple iPhone, along with multiple editing and sharing applications (or apps), to capture the world around them; or perhaps more accurately, the world right next to them. Continue reading

Walking tour through 125 years of Joburg’s history

Saturday morning we joined a walking tour of Joburg’s inner city. “Through the lens: 125 years of Johannesburg photography” was a fascinating trip through the city’s history using collected photographs as a guide. A city walk takes on new meaning when you take its history along with you, making comparisons between its past and present on every block. It’s an interesting way to track a city’s progress or the lack of it, to get back to what the planners intended or how they got it all so wrong.

Using historical photos as a guide also creates anticipation – Was that beautiful building replaced by a parking lot or now a derelict burnt-out shell or will it have been appreciated and better yet, restored? Joburg is not fond of history. And for much of this mining camp’s life it has spent more time taking things down than shoring them up. It’s a place often lacking in nostalgia.

Market Square in 1895. farmers from as far away as Potchedsroom and Middelburg brought their crops to sell. From Johannesburg One Hundred.

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SA’s taxi industry plans to launch an airline – when taxis fly

It’s just too good to pass up. South Africa’s minibus taxi industry is planning to launch an airline it was announced this week. It will be an easy transition seeing as how most taxis fly past you anyway. This morning I watched one Joburg taxi driver disregard a red light near the Zoo lake. Yesterday another driver sat talking on his cellphone while inching closer and closer and closer to my bumper – his taxi jampacked with extra commuters in what looked like a scene from some 80’s college frat party where some drunk smartass wants to see how many jocks can be packed into a telephone booth. At least no one was mooning me.

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Joburg’s best views

#213. Admire the view. Just saw this on Joburg Live. Ten detours worth making in what is becoming perpetual rush-hour traffic in this town. And they are not the only ones thinking about Joburg vistas. A few days ago Adrian at FiftyTwo (one of my favourite weekly mailers) sent his pick of where to spend sundown and sunrise in this crazy city.

From Observatory to Parkview, Westcliff to Houghton they’ve got it covered. And with the jacarandas in bloom and it being the only time of year that the ducks at Zoo Lake are truly cute, small and fluffy,  Rosebank and the Zoo Lake are also calling.

From JOburg Live: “Take the scenic route and get aquainted with Joburg’s exhilarating views, and lovely roads. Here’s our top 10 scenic routes in and around Jozi suburbia. Ask any South African what the defining feature of the Jo’burger is and they’ll tell you; we’re busy… Continue reading

Hotel Yeoville, a digital space to call home

#202 Check in to Hotel Yeoville. I spent Saturday morning at Hotel Yeoville, one of the most exciting interactive exhibitions I have seen. Hotel Yeoville is the brainchild of photographer and artist Terry Kurgan who has for the past three years championed this project to as she puts it to “make the invisible community visible”. Its aim is to create a social map of the migrant or immigrant experience of Johannesburg – to track the experiences of those who have travelled from all over and now call Joburg home. Ironically home is not always a refuge – and the exhibition uses popular social media technologies to create safe spaces in which the complex emotions people have about home can be articulated and shared.

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The cake wore red velvet

#200 Eat red velvet cake at Wolves, the newest coffee spot on Corlett Drive. Red velvet cake comes with a history and a pedigree. It was a signature dessert at New York’s legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the 1920s (or at least someone updating the post on Wikipedia thought so) and “According to a common urban legend a woman once asked for the recipe for the cake, and was billed a large amount. Indignant, she spread the recipe in a chain letter.”

The Red Velvet cake from Wolves

It also had a starring role in the 1989 hit movie when Julia Roberts was but a child – Steel Magnolias. In the movie the cake arrived in the shape of an armadillo – a little short on looking appetising. Continue reading