Why the caged bird sings or breakfast at The Birdcage

#160. Eat fluffy scrambled eggs at one of Joburg’s cutest breakfast spots.  I am letting this secret out.

I think of “The Birdcage” and it conjures up memories of going to the cinema in Parkview (in the late 70s suburbs like Greenside and Parkview had their own moviehouses*) to see La Cage aux Folles with my mother and my brother. We may have been from Benoni but we loved big hair, spangles and showtunes  (that’s’ probably why). It also makes me want to repeat Peter Sellers’ mantra from that crazy movie The Party, “Birdie num num”. Continue reading

Best croissants are in French Johannesburg

#127. Greet the day by saying “bonjour”. Or at least be greeted by lots of people who think you speak French because you are sitting in the garden at the Alliance Francaise across from the Zoo Lake, savouring a bit of winter sunshine. I was there for the good coffee and heavenly pan au chocolat – layers of buttery pastry folded around delicious chocolate, delicate and crispy in all the right places. Continue reading

Joburg architecture: A life of transition

#113. Go to the Women’s Gaol at Constitution Hill for the launch of Clive Chipkin’s Johannesburg Transition, an intensely written 500-page tome detailing this city’s architecture and society since 1950.

Interestingly the Gaol, with its exhibits focused as they are on female prisoners being deprived of underwear,  seemed a fitting place for the launch of a book that is about a city that lets it all hang out. Continue reading

Nicole Richie turns up at the Zoo Lake

#67. Follow in the footsteps of Lionel Richie by taking a walk around the Zoo Lake. Five new trees near the boathouse, some hastily planted patches of green grass,  and a chiseled plaque mounted in concrete were all that he left behind as he rounded off his recent tour of SA. That and lots of people unashamedly humming “Penny Lover” and “Hello,

Is it me you’re looking for?” Continue reading