On show at Gallery Momo

#112. Enjoy Patricia Driscoll’s mesmerising seascape — in a landlocked city where the beach is just a memory and the pavements are strewn with autumn leaves that crunch under your feet.


Lekki Beach, Lagos. 2009.

“I love shooting these seascapes. The twilight time between day and night and night and day is ambiguous and interesting. The pictures are very much contingent on natural conditions. For instance, it was raining hard in Lagos at Lekki beach. I took the photographs very early in the morning (around 4.30am) under an umbrella. The quality of the twilight was so soft and diffused that it gave the photo a distinct and unique feel”.

“The history of the beach has meaning for me. So much has happened on these shorelines: drowning, religious ceremonies and rituals, suicides, battles, crime, fun, romantic interludes and floods.  The sea washes the evidence of human activity away. The endless cycle of the sea is repeated. And my photographs mirror these loops and repetitions.” — Patricia Driscoll.

* Driscoll’s work will be exhibited at Joburg’s chic-est contemporary art gallery, Gallery MOMO, from June 11. Gallery MOMO is at 52 7th Avenue, Parktown North. To contact the gallery call +27 11 327 3247, or e-mail info@gallerymomo.com.