Swine flu cured

#106. Make light of swine flu. For a while there it looked as if we were all destined to be struck down by swine flu. Front page headlines had the country on a knife edge, our lives and livelihoods at risk. Forget Joburg taxis, the Taliban (a little less dangerous than Joburg taxi drivers) and giant meteors, it was all going to end with a sneeze and a cough. (See The Wild Frontier for A Case of hype gone too far).

And just when it looked as if it wasn’t worth complaining that you didn’t score tickets to the Soccer World Cup final because you would be dead by 2010, the threat dissipated. And Hayibo is reporting that the Cape Town suburb of Fish Hoek was the first to be declared officially free of the deadly infection – although it is small consolation as according to the site “most South Africans would rather contract the disease and haemorrhage out of their orifices than live [there]”. Continue reading