Joburg master class with David Goldblatt and Ivan Vladislavic

#215. Explore the double negative. I spent last Saturday at the Goodman Gallery listening to Ivan Vladislavic and David Goldblatt in conversation about their limited double edition [TJ and Double Negative] with the delightful Marlene van Niekerk [author of the award-winning Triomf and Agaat] who had been coaxed from Stellenbosch to speak with the “masters of Joburg”. Both of whom, in her words, have a commitment to the “the reductive mysteries of things as they are”. Warm, full of wit and nuance, the conversation took some interesting turns Continue reading

Joburg signs say beware

#134. Watch out … for Parktown Prawns, those suburban creatures who are as hardy as cockroaches and ugly as prawns and are said to be set for survival in the event of a nuclear holacaust.  This sign has cropped up on Glenside Road in Greenside.

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