Bahrain’s F1 line-up and Libya’s fashion icon

Among reports of the northern territories melting down and concerns over the start of the Formula 1 season (Bahrain has bigger problems) and Muammar Gadaffi, the man of many names not to mention many fashion statements, sharing headline space with Charlie Sheen for the “who is the craziest award” this is too good not to share.
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Joburg's tourist industry needs … a mountain?

#163. Read David Smith in The Guardian on “Johannesburg’s main tourist attraction? Its shameful and violent past”. It’s an interesting piece on how the city, in the absence of any natural or architectural wonders  has developed a tourist industry out of its Apartheid past.

“Go to Cape Town for the waterfront, for Table Mountain and for the wine country. Go to Johannesburg for … what, exactly?

Among tourists, the debate is usually a one-sided affair: in Cape Town, we’ll relax with sunshine and chardonnay in one of the world’s great holiday destinations; In Johannesburg, we’ll probably get mugged,” writes Smith. Continue reading

Nigerians and South Africans – mind the gap

#150. Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s piece in The Guardian this morning titled: “Why do South Africans hate Nigerians?” Disturbing.
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The financial downturn has another side to it

#50. Be momentarily amused by some responses to the world’s financial institutions falling apart – between the shock and awe. The first time was while reading The Guardian’s front page story a few days ago on the showdown between Lehman Brothers’ chief executive Richard Fuld and the chairman of the House oversight committee on Capitol Hill, Henry Waxman.

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Helen Mirren gives up cocaine, and reason

#34. Think that Oscar-winning Dame Helen Mirren just can’t seem to get enough of being in the papers. A few weeks ago she hit headlines by walking out of the sea in a bikini and looking damn good in it. On Monday The Guardian was reporting that the 63-year-old actress had given up cocaine – Continue reading