Breaking News: Apple’s next big thing

Apple's Steve Jobs

Hayibo, South Africa’s riposte to The Onion, one of my favourite sites for news as it could be, is back and better. And this time they have fixed on Apple’s constant reinvention of products we already have. As a huge Apple fan I too can’t help wondering when the thrill of a new device will wear off – that after an iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and an iOverdraft. Continue reading

Newspaper industry finds its saviour

#157. Get the latest news on the future of newspapers. The Onion is reporting that according to a piece published “this week in American Journalism Review, 93 percent of all newspaper sales can now be attributed to kidnappers seeking to prove the day’s date in filmed ransom demands.” Continue reading

The financial downturn has another side to it

#50. Be momentarily amused by some responses to the world’s financial institutions falling apart – between the shock and awe. The first time was while reading The Guardian’s front page story a few days ago on the showdown between Lehman Brothers’ chief executive Richard Fuld and the chairman of the House oversight committee on Capitol Hill, Henry Waxman.

Continue reading

John McCain's economic recovery plan

#44. Seek some light relief from the country’s leadership crisis, Thabo Mbeki’s urgent appeal in the Constitutional Court to clear his name, and that other small matter, the world economic crisis.

My favourite news source The Onion is reporting that Republican candidate John McCain has a plan, based on his personal experience,  to halt the economic decline of the United States of America. It’s called: “Everyone Marry a Beer Heiress”. See it for yourself.

McCain’s Economic Plan For Nation: “Everyone Marry A Beer Heiress”