Ice cream, waffles equals Joburg suburban bliss

Sunday morning and a long overdue celebration of Paul Ballen’s Homemade Ice Cream and Waffle Day. So good it deserves its own Day. @paul_ballen is one of those Joburg individuals I thank twitter for. I have even ordered his homemade ice-cream over that channel. It was months ago and I got a home delivery of 1 litre of Vietnamese coffee and another of Maple Syrup and Caramelized Pecan. Truly delicious. This morning we headed for  Saxonwold and a Breakfast of Champions – a homemade waffle with a dollop of creamy and smooth peanut butter ice cream. 

Waffle with peanut butter ice cream

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iPhoneography SA exhibition in Sandton

It’s reassuring to know that there’s a name for this condition. Among its symptoms are thinking that every cloud formation is worthy of a photograph, and every amusing sign or artfully arranged plate of food deserves to be captured, shared and archived.

by Zac Rusagara

Hi. My name is Laurice Taitz and I am an iPhoneographer. It’s defined as someone who uses an Apple iPhone, along with multiple editing and sharing applications (or apps), to capture the world around them; or perhaps more accurately, the world right next to them. Continue reading

Manto Tshabalala-Msimang doesn’t answer

#170. Wonder what made Manto do it. What made her unravel on HIV/AIDS? I started thinking about this yesterday after I saw the news of her death on twitter and watched as a “robust debate” [early term Manto terminology] was stoked up between the RIP crew and the “Ding Dong the witch is dead” brigade. So far I haven’t joined either.

I interviewed her as she took office as Health Minister in Thabo Mbeki’s Cabinet. As the Sunday Times health correspondent then I also accompanied her and her health department delegation to Uganda to look at how that country was dealing with HIV/AIDS. I was impressed. She seemed compassionate, warm even [when she took office she was the equivalent (in Lord of the Rings speak at any rate) of Bilbo Baggins to her steely-eyed predecessor Nkosazana Zuma’s Sauron] and in Uganda, utterly committed to facing the challenges head on. And then … Continue reading

Cake wrecks. First the blog, now the book

#156. Celebrate small things, like Friday. This is not a time to be serious so check out Cake Wrecks, the blog for when professional cakes go horribly wrong. Cake Wrecks is the creation of one Jen Yates who has just produced a book of the same name after finding that her gallery of “deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes” was a major web hit. Continue reading

SA vs Brazil

#125. Feel the love. And so we sat, on the edge of our seats, our eyes mostly glued to the pitch (which by last night was starting to show some wear). Mostly glued because the game was utterly captivating, nail-biting, excruciatingly suspense-filled. (The other few minutes had me glued to Twitter #confedcup). Around 48 000 of us packed Ellis Park along with about 47 000 vuvuzelas. Continue reading

Barack Obama is following me

#81. Love social media. After having spent a week in England learning about digital journalism which explains my absence from this blog, I hope, I have been converted to Twitter. Twitter is where people go to micro-blog. It’s like Facebook for the SMS generation. You get to follow people and they get to follow you. It’s all very flattering really plus you get say what you want in 140 characters.

Pithy is good. It’s a life lesson

And so it was with great excitement that I received the following news today.


It’s social media tools like Twitter and Facebook  — that are providing the opportunity  to create networks and foster a sense of community around common interests — that helped Barack Obama get to The Oval Office

As for my own Twitter-use, it may not be the first time I have been called a twit but it is the first time that I’ve enjoyed it.