Bob Cesca on Barack Obama and that White House

#64. Post some of Bob Cesca’s answers to my questions in Obama won and we won. Cesca is a featured blogger on The Huffington Post — a collection of great blogs that is one of the world’s most successful news websites. I read that he will soon be launching his book called “One Nation Under Fear” described as “a collection of blog-style essays which examines the politics of fear during the “dark ride” of the Bush years.” I ‘ll be ordering a copy.

In his post “At long last, it’s beginning to feel like America” Cesca puts into words what many of us, and we are outside the United States, feel the rise of Barack Obama, represents. It is not the triumph of one man but the triumph of a nation who chose to put aside their prejudices, and to transcend their limitations. Continue reading

Obama wins in Troyeville

#61. Head to Troyeville to celebrate an Obama victory. Troyeville, east of Joburg’s city centre has had a few bohemian flirtations. The most memorable for me was Bob’s Bar, circa the early 1990’s, a haunt for the city’s writers, filmmakers and poets, misfits and activists, the lost and the found. You would leave whose ever car you had arrived in on a dark side street, and open a door into a world of coloured lights, vinyl decor and charged conversations that got more drunken as the night wore on. Alliances would be forged, feuds declared. There was so much alcohol it was easy to drink Troyeville pretty. Continue reading

Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, and that Bradley Effect.

#56. Laugh at Barack Obama’s response to the “Bradley Effect” and hope to a higher power that he is right. With CNN starting to count the hours down to the US elections Barack Obama made an appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and had the audience eating out of his hand. If it was within my power to become an American citizen in the next 48 hours I would do so just so I could cast my vote for someone who talks like a leader.
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Sarah Palin goes head to head with Tina Fey

#51. Lament that the US elections may soon be over along with much cause for amusement. Top billing this week goes to Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin who actually appeared with Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on a skit for Saturday Night Live. She gets one point for having a sense of humour (but only one).

Alec Baldwin, Fey’s co-star in her TV show 30 Rock, also made an appearance. Unmissable stuff. Wait a few seconds for the video to load…