Bahrain’s F1 line-up and Libya’s fashion icon

Among reports of the northern territories melting down and concerns over the start of the Formula 1 season (Bahrain has bigger problems) and Muammar Gadaffi, the man of many names not to mention many fashion statements, sharing headline space with Charlie Sheen for the “who is the craziest award” this is too good not to share.
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A Bohemian Rhapsody, with schwarma

#5: Find the new Bohemia. In the July edition of Vanity Fair Christopher Hitchens has written a piece entitled “Last Call, Bohemia” in which he says that every successful society needs its Bohemia — a haven for artists, thinkers, professional soaks, bibliophiles and book stores, exiles, poets, ladies of easy virtue and the men who need them, deviants and misfits, insomniacs and the restaurants or bars that are always ready to serve them. Every successful society requires a part of a city that is home to the people “who regenerate its culture”.

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