The glow of World Cup 2010

#210 Bask in the glow of a successful World Cup only to avoid the pull of humdrum routine now that the party is over. And while some are still pondering the significance of those fantastic white elephants that sucked dry the pond at the closing ceremony I have been celebrating the fact that I finally got to wear the colours of a winning team (evidence below), packing up my array of supporters flags and scarves (Bafana Bafana, Ghana, Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands) and catching up on the good press South Africa has been getting while¬† playing Knaan’s waving flag over and over again and sobbing quietly. Just read Boris Johnson’s Telegraph column and couldn’t say it better so here goes. Continue reading

Moby Dick on a stick as whaling makes a comeback

#41. Choose Hermanus over Rekjavik because I would rather watch a whale than eat one. This week I received an email inviting me to the Western Cape town of Hermanus for a Whale Festival at the end of September. Around about the same time I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Supersize Me” about how whale meat is making a comeback on menus in Iceland. Continue reading